Dorcas Müller "The Devil's Hit List" by invitation of guest-curator Uwe Laysiepen opening: Saturday 23rd of September 2006 from 16.00 Â 20.00 hrs. On the 23rd of September 2006 the project "the Artists' Artists" begins in the outLINE Foundation. The project consists of six episodes by six established artists (John Hilliard GB, Katharina Grosse D, Paul Kooiker NL, Uwe Laysiepen D, Roy Villevoye NL en Marijke van Warmerdam NL) as guest-curators. Each artist introduces a younger colleague artist. During the first episode Uwe Laysiepen will present Dorcas Müller (D 1973) who is a former student of Laysiepen at die Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe.

Starting point for the performance videos and photographic works of Dorcas Müller is the tangent plane between the physical reality and the digital net, based on scientific models (neurochip research). She shows the natural body where scientific models cross the physiological borders and exceed the spectrum of the human senses till the body finally disappears out of sight. The body, though already dead, is being broken open by Müller, dissected in separate parts, coded into large amounts of data and calculations that become greater and greater abstractions. The body is questioned as a living creature. In science the body is often presented and pictured as a High Tech object: the human element seems absolutely absent. The experiments of Müller though, with information and images gathered by her, with new combinations, imitations, dissonance, transformations, show the body as a perceptible being -sometimes grotesque, sometimes comical, sometimes both- as a alien in a model, clinical surrounding.

In the experiments leeches play an important role. In the video "Hand, Egel, Chip  Die Erschaffung des Neuros" 2002 ("Hand, Leech, Chip  The Creation of Neuros" 2002) a living leech pumps information from a neurochip* to a human hand. The components chip  leech  human nervecell is translated into a perceptible image. The work of Dorcas Müller is not only aesthetic or formalistic, but takes place on a social and scientific level.

For her cooperations with the Max-Planck-Institute in Martinsried/München/Germany, the Harvard University Boston/USA and the university Koblenz-Landau/Germany Müller has received several prices.

The dates of the next five episodes of "the artists' artists" 28|10|2006 - 25|11|2006 Laura Medler by John Hilliard 02|12|2006 - 30|12|2006 Claudia Sola by Marijke van Warmerdam 13|01|2007 - 10|02|2007 Naro Snackey by Roy Villevoye 17|02|2007 - 17|03|2007 Yvonne Grootenboer by Katharina Grosse 24|03|2007 - 21|04|2007 Daya Cahen by Paul Kooiker

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